Planning Applications

Planning Applications

The Parish Council is invited by the Planning Authority (Lancaster City Council) to comment upon all planning applications within the Parish. The Parish Council endeavours to respond to all applications irrespective of whether it supports, objects or is neutral to the particular application.

The current planning applications are listed below:

Hill House, Fairheath Road, Tatham (1 of 2)

Hill House, Fairheath Road, Tatham (2 of 2)

Moorlands, Slaidburn Road, Lowgill

Parkside Farm, Russell Road, Tatham

Higher Croasdale Grains, Petersbottom Lane, Lowgill

Ashleys Farm, Millhouses Road

Recently decided planning applications are also listed below:

Lanshaw, Slaidburn Road, Lowgill

Land West of Millhouses

Parkside Farm, Russell Road

Raw Ridding Farm, Monks Gate

Oxenforth Green Farm, Long Lane

St James the Less Church, Monks Gate

Botton Head, Whiteray Road

Lunesdale View, Old Moor Road

Southmire Barn, Silly Lane

Barley Bank Granary, Rantreefold Road